Automation of customer service and communication processes at PrimeFMS fueling stations

The PrimeFMS platform helps you automate any interactions with customers at fuel or charging stations. This includes sales and provision of fuel and energy, issuance of fuel tickets, a loyalty program, communication with customers and omnichannel messaging.

Benefits for you: the platform lets customers refuel cars at stations with the dedicated PrimeFMS mobile application. This makes it possible for you to sell fuel or energy to customers who can pay using credit or debit cards or use other forms of payment. Additionally, your corporate customers can refuel company’s vehicles and use corporate accounts as a form of payment, with consideration of limits. Fuel and energy tickets can be used to provide fuel and energy, paid for in advance.

Benefits for corporate customers:

  • digital fuel cards that don’t require printing
  • digital and paper fuel tickets
  • coupons and gift certificates
  • prepaid accounts for fuel and energy or goods
  • mutual settlements and financial clearance with partners
  • cross-selling and cross-marketing

Benefits for customers:

  • refueling with PrimeFMS mobile application, without leaving the car
  • buying fuel and energy “in advance” using PrimeFMS mobile application
  • loyalty program by phone number
  • coupons and gift certificates payment without a bank terminal


1.) Self-Service for Drivers

  • refueling and payment by credit card via PrimeFMS mobile application
  • fuel and energy store in a mobile application (advance purchases)
  • refueling from the customer account
  • replenishment of the cash customer account using the PrimeFMS mobile application
  • integration of refueling and loyalty programs
  • issuance of digital coupons – own or issued by your partners
  • opportunity to sell digital fuel tickets through partners
  • promotion of additional goods and services

2.) For corporate customers:

  • management of corporate customer accounts: prepaid or postpaid, fuel or, energy, cash, achievements
  • the ability for corporate customers to provide access to their account to individual drivers without the need for printed or plastic cards
  • optional setup of limits for each driver (daily, monthly)
  • additional protection of access to the account with a PIN code
  • optional odometer control when a driver refuels the car
  • refueling using the PrimeFMS mobile application

3.) Fuel and charging stations where an attendant controls the pumps using a phone or a tablet. An ability to control the pump from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer. A driver can refuel or charge the car just by phone number without a mobile application (using SMS to confirm their identity) using the QR code, displayed in the mobile application or the chatbot. Different payment methods are supported: credit and debit cards, customer accounts, cash or electronic money, payment by QR code or in a mobile application.

4.) Issuance, distribution, sale and processing of fuel tickets

5.) The ability to create a single digital fuel card between different fuel stations (possibility to organize the fuel operator)

6.) Refueling at fuel stations of other chaint with mutual settlements

  • The ability to install a tablet that works as a fuel terminal. One day launch.
  • Price and discount control. Mutual settlements with partners.
  • Easy integration using API
  • Automatic payments: a driver refuels / charges the car at an external fuel or charging station with a discount using the fuel card, and that fuel station receives payment in real time.

7.) Creation of a single mobile application for several fuel stations or chains with different owners. Each owner receives money from the customer directly to their account)

8.) Creation of a general application for the sale of fuel coupons from several independent fueling chains

9.) Other tools (coupons, prepaid cards, gift certificates, omnichannel communication with customers)

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