Global Engineering Solutions "PRIME" Unmanned Fuel Station is a plug and play system that aims to provide an alternative to the conventional Fuel Stations that are not only more expensive but also takes time and space to construct.


Prime (Unmanned Fuel Station)

Capacity and Premium Quality

  • Dual Compartments for both Diesel and Gasoline
  • Turnkey Retail Fuel Station that allows an infinite number of users for refuelling
  • New latest Innovation in Fuel Management that is Self-contained and ready to use

Easy Customer Reconciliation

  • 24 Hours Operation and usage time that allows a customer to refuel any time and any day
  • Loyalty Bonuses and Fuel Discounts base on usage
  • Receipts and Transaction Details send directly to email after every transaction activity

Flow Rates

  • DISPENSER - comes with a fitted ATC certified to Canada wide measures
  • NTEP approved for retail use (United States of America)
  • 4-meter hose with breakaways and auto nozzle

Safety Features

  • Built-in Collision Barriers / Guard Rails that offers the highest level of protection
  • Fire Suppressions Systems that provide fast, on-site protection at the earliest stage of a fire
  • CCTV system installed for peace of mind, increased sense of security snd reassurance
  • Emergency Stop Switches
  • Double Walled Design
  • Overfill Monitoring
  • Hose Breakaways

Online Tank Monitoring

  • Tank Control ATG remote tank level access gauge via smartphone or web
  • Low-level safety pump interlock
  • Local Display

LED Advertising Boards

  • LED screen display installed in tanks for effective brand marketing and promotions
  • Application-based for logo change dpending on brand and business
  • Acts as a Fuel Station Display Price Board for Product Prices
  • Slim Screen with Sleek design with contents adjustable at any place
  • Attention-grabbing capabilities that allow more flexibility when it comes to advertising the brand and the product
  • Unique Media Content opportunities, that allows you to display specific content at designated times
  • Allows user to essentially deliver many different ads at many different time intervals

Fire Suppression System

  • Automatically detects any flame or heat and activates the Fire Suppression System and extinguishes the flame automatically
  • Individually monitored rooms with their own Fire Suppression Systems
    (ie: Tank Control Room, Tank Fuel Dispenser etc.)

Easy Pay Application    Image

  • EASY PAY is an app that lets you pump and pay for your fuel with convenience. It shows you the geographical location of the nearest Fuel Station on your Map Dashboard. EASY PAY application can be use to any "PRIME" locations around the globe. Sign-up and pay for your fuel using the EASY PAY application. Download EASY PAY and start fuelling now.
  • Pay for fuel via mobile at any of our unattended fuel stops.

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