Global Engineering Solutions Control (Remote System Management) is designed to remotely monitor, control and manage your tank from anywhere in the world.

Control (Remote Systems Management)

Control PRO

  • 3G connectivity and GPS module for map location
  • Monitor up to 4 sensors with one device
  • 4 remote controllable relays allowing remote system reboot, level pump activation, low and high-level shutoff.

Control LITE

  • 3G connectivity and GPS module for map location
  • Monitor 1 sensor with one device

Included for both LITE and PRO version

  • Windows 10 dashboard with all connected devices and levels
  • Phone application with device listing allowing a glance view of tanks levels and color alerts
  • Quick viewgraph with day and week data
  • Remotely send commands to power cycle systems or disable pumps etc.
  • SMS and email alarms
  • Compatible with any 4 - 20 mas sensor
  • Lubricant, Oil, Fuel, AdBlue, Radar or pressure robe can allow for any type of products
  • Export Monthly or Yearly reports

Self-Managed Server Options

  • Server access allowing full access to MySQL database that can be manipulated and integrated with the existing system.

Options Include:

  • Complete solar off-grid options available for minimal additional costs
  • Direct tank port connections available
  • Our pro model has the versatility that is limited only to your imagination



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